Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Charlotte Wedding Photography at 1812 Hitching Post with Jeff and Teresa

Being chosen as the photographer for Jeff and Teresa Clark was not only an honor, but a great time to capture their family and friends - many of whom we share in common. On site to celebrate with them were some of the best DJ's in the Southeast, like DJ Dirty, Pretty Sick, DJ Redd (and his beautiful bride, Richelle Espinosa) and DJ Volume, I can't imagine the pressure felt by the Wedding DJ, DJ Rehab, from Charleston, SC as he flawlessly moved the crowd with all the latest and most popular hits. It was also great to see renowned videographer, Jeremy Williams put his camera down and enjoy some time off. 

I hope I didn't leave anyone out. There were many talented and awesome friends and family in attendance. Cindi and I were honored to be a part of it. Thank you, Jeff and Teresa, and CONGRATULATIONS! 

Call or text us for your next wedding! 704.651.4975 Hopefully we still have your date open!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Professional Photography Tips and Tricks from our Labor Day kayaking #lakelife romp

Labor Day, we enjoyed getting out on Lake Tillery exploring for a few hours in our #Sundolphin Excursion 10 kayaks. Of course, I can't help but bring my camera. I take upwards of between 20,000 and 30,000 images a year. I've won a lot of awards and I look at award-winning images daily. If you're like me, I cannot pass up the opportunity to capture what I see, especially in nature!

In this #lakelife segment, I'd love to share with you what I was thinking and seeing when I captured these incredible images. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

My wife Cindi - It's hard not to grab amazing images of her, but even easier when you look over and see her going by this awesome wall of clay. I'm always looking to add as many photographic elements to an image and this one just works. 

Wildlife is always a favorite to capture! I was in the sun and Cindi pointed out this Egret over in the cove (her sight is way better than mine. LoL). I got my camera ready in high speed release mode and aperture priority with a -.07 compensation so I didn't blow out the light behind him. I paddled very slowly and he surprisingly let me up very close before taking off. Capturing wildlife is a worthy prize in and of itself, but capture the spirit of the hunt, and the added extra element is there. 

I am always looking for colors and shapes. This one easily caught my eye. 

Applied the rule of thirds here as Cindi explored the other shore line. Paddling is tough and we had burned through some calories to get to this spot. It felt great to go into this cove and relax a little. The next few images are from that same cove.

Again, shapes and colors. Keep your eyes wide open for these awesome scenes!

Again, Cindi spotted this turtle and she rowed onward. I went over to it, and captured him sunning himself on this old boat ramp. I think he was enjoying his day too. 

Another hunting shot. These guys are relentless!

Yea, it's just a raft, but a couple of things are important here. It takes the viewer away from where ever they may be when they look at it. And the color holds them as they think about how fun it would be to get out and enjoy it. Important elements to capturing your audience. 

Remember about what I said above about having your camera ready in case he flies away. Well ... it paid off. Having it on aperture priority allowed the camera's settings to readjust automatically as the Egret went from still in the shade, to rocketing across the lake in the sun. This way you can get both!

An aging red boat dock. Of course it will get your attention. Move around to get that perfect shot!

Back to that clay wall above that Cindi was paddling in front of, I couldn't resist capturing it on the way back by. I love capturing natural art as found in nature!

This is where Cindi and I got married. I had grabbed a couple of shots on the way by it earlier, but then some kids ran out, and that added an extra element to hold the viewer. 

This one turned out better than I thought it would. I love the color, straight lines, and those same lines skewed in the water. This is one I'd frame for the lake house. 

We took a break in another cove, and I look over at Cindi, and she's catching some rays while things slow down a bit. Made me laugh. And, again, there's those reflections and colors!

Another one I would frame. Look for objects that have a story behind them. It holds the viewer. This is probably my favorite image of the day. What's yours?

Applied here: rule of thirds (twice as the boat dock is on the right AND upper part of the image. 

Perfect for our #lakelife series. 

And who can pass up a shot of ducks on the water? They were having fun too. This was my last shot before it was time to get the #Sundolphin kayaks out of the water and take a break. We burned a over 2000 calories combined on this trip. We were tired. ... and btw, we road cycled later getting ready for our Bike for MS ride later this week in New Bern, NC. Expect lotsa pictures from that! Thank you for viewing! We hope you love this series, and are learning a lot! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!